Meat Processing Facility

Manufacturing & Production

Sturgis, MI

This 11,000 SF, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspected, Meat Processing Facility was designed and built by Anchor Construction. This unique project features freezer and cooler boxes throughout, along with a custom processing room, offices, bathrooms, locker room, washroom, storage areas, and more. A full rail system runs throughout the cooler boxes and process room to transport the beef halves through the facility. This design took special consideration as the building not only had to pass local and state permitting but also USDA standards for the client’s operations.

Another area of unique design was the pen area, with special attention given to individual animal welfare as well as employee safety. Wash-down-rated walls, electrical, and metals are also positioned in areas of heavy water usage. A specialized boiler system runs hot water throughout the facility for cleaning purposes.