Our Mission

“Our philosophy of project execution is to deliver services tailored to the exact demands of your needs and visions.”

From our founding, Anchor Construction has been an innovator in project administration and construction management. Our team of professionals serves clients from multiple office locations. From our Northern Indiana office, based in South Bend, our team provides project administration, construction management, civil/site engineering, and plan design services throughout the country.

Our team is involved in their communities; they are knowledgeable about local market needs and regulations. We also understand the importance of local contractor participation, enabling us to assemble an effective team of construction specialists on behalf of our client.

Anchor Construction is a client driven company, dedicated to implementing your building vision by taking your project from shovel to key. We offer complete pre-construction, general construction, construction management, and design-build services tailored to the exact needs of your project.

A successful building project really begins long before the first shovel of dirt is turned. Along the way, each small success that is achieved – from bringing the community on board, to securing the most competitive bids possible, to anticipating problems before they happen – adds up to one big success at the end. Anchor Construction is the partner who can accomplish those success stories during each stage of the construction process.

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